Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Goods once sold will not be taken back.

T&C mentioned here would supersede the invoice, quotation, and any other document provided or signed. The client fully understands and confirms this before entering into a contract with the developer. Once the developer starts developing the client’s project, the client agrees on this page’s terms and conditions.

Payment through Credit Card/Debit Card/SWIFT/Check/NEFT/IMPS/UPI only.

  1. The client should pay 70% as advance and purchase order (with the finalized scope document number and date) on confirmation of the order and balance 30% on the project’s completion.
  2. Any significant change in the scope, whether included in the final version or dropped because of the client’s feedback, will attract additional charges. This change of scope cost will be computed and billed after the first draft of the change is developed and billed.
  3. If the project had to be stopped by the client, or if there is no response for over seven calendar days (except for in writing), the client is liable for either 50% of the project cost or amount paid as on date, whichever is higher. Late fee as per point 12 will be levied till the complete outstanding is paid. 
  4. In the case of design/code review, if the developer gets no response from the client in seven calendar days, the project would be put on hiatus and considered that all the changes till then would be final and accepted by the client.
  5. In case of design ideas being provided by the client and delay in delivering the same by the client, the client is liable to give the vision, and any timeline delay arising by this the developer would not be held responsible.
  6. Project delay arises from the client’s inability to provide media resources or any other resources that the developer needs to complete; in such cases, the project timeline will change accordingly.
  7. Suppose the client is not having the resources needed for the development and found to be dragging the development cycle and later asking to add a new media element because it came later. In that case, the client will be considered to have defaulted in bad faith. And the development will be halted until a revised bill is presented and paid by the client.
  8. In the case of the client delaying the project due to their inability to provide time/project related resources needed for project development, these parts would be charged extra or considered complete. The developer would raise a new Invoice for these changes.
  9. Domain Name and registration and or renewal will be charged on actual or provided by the client.
  10. Webspace hosting will be charged on actual as applicable from the second year of hosting. If the quote does not include hosting, it would be charged to the client as per the application needs and paid 100% before development commences. Only cloud providers of repute like AWS, GCP, Azure… would be used/worked/provided by the client or developer for the development and production purpose. The client agrees to bear additional development hosting(VPS/Database or any cloud infrastructure) charges if the development exceeds 30 days, even if the cloud infrastructure is included in the quote.
  11. The client would provide all images; any stock video, multimedia, or image. Delay in delivering these resources would affect the delivery date, and the developer would not be held liable for any missed deadline. 
  12. Late payment would incur 18% interest per day compounded daily from the date of the invoice generated.
  13. An invoice for Late payment fees or any other pending billing arising in the development cycle will be provided when the payment is credit in the account.
  14. If the client wants to start the work immediately for any exceptional case, we will comply, but any delivery date is moot if the advance is not paid on time. The delivery date will be recalculated from the advance payment date (Late payment fee would be charged as per point 12 above), but delay’s araising due to the client not responding due to any reason, all delivery dates would be invalidated.
  15. In case of dispute, only the jurisdiction of Nagpur court would be applicable.
  16. The client permits the developer to record all communications and disclose them.
  17. In case of termination of the contract and work has started and the client fails to give “Advance” to the developer or the client terminates the contract after an invoice is raised and due date has elapsed, the developer will hold the client as a defaulter, and 10,000/Ten thousand USD(equivalent in clients local currency) would be charged on top of late payment fee of 18% per day compounded daily from the date of invoice generation date, till the date of complete payment is made. Interest calculation would continue till the date the entire amount is paid. [eg. X is the advance, y is the final 30 % in case of default and termination by the client; the client would have to pay (x + $10000) from the date of invoice generation with 18% compound interest compounded daily till the full amount is paid]. You can use the late fee calculator to calculator late payment fee provided on this page.
  18. A client would be considered a defaulter, and point 12 would be applicable if the client pays partial advance after the due date and terminates the contract after the due date on the invoice has elapsed.
  19. Any change in the scope, whether included in the final version or dropped because of the client’s feedback, will attract additional charges. An email about the changes will be sent to the client; the client has three days to acknowledge or deny the changes. If the client does not respond in three days, the developer will consider that the work scope has changed and accepted by the client, and an invoice for the same will be sent in due course of time. 
  20. A new invoice for “Any change in the scope, whether included in the final version or dropped because of the client’s feedback.” will be presented to the client after the first draft is developed. When such a bill is raised, any development and or technical consultancy work will be halted until this invoice is paid in full, including any additional pending due, e.g. late payment fees or any other pending bill generated during the life cycle of the project. Work will only commence when such a bill is cleared and the invoice amount received by the developer.
  21. Any payment milestone missed by the client would draw a penalty as per the terms presented above.
  22. NDA/contract/affidavit, if any signed, would be null and void if the client fails to pay their complete due as and when araising in the project lifecycle.
  23. NDA/contract/affidavit would be null and void if any government organization wants information.
  24. All land laws will be honored, and any illegal or unlawful practice will be disclosed to the prevalent authority.
  25. If source code is required, it would only be handed over after full payment is confirmed along with the handover report.
  26. The developer that i.e., Abhijeet, would not be held liable for any IP loss, data breach, or any other incident arising out of it.
  27. Terms and conditions would be revised as and when required without prior notice and binding to the client and developer.  

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Late payment penalty is levied to dissuade you for missing payment milestones. But, in case you miss any payment milestone we will charge you with the penalty mentioned on this page.

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